video sharing tips 2022

Video sharing tips 2022: Make your content Shareable!

Many E-commerce businesses sustain their activities and engagements by using video content; that is why they rely heavily on views, reactions, and shares. To gain that kind of familiarity from the audience, you need to devise a plan to help your video content accomplish your target. For today’s article, we will talk about Video sharing tips in 2022 and some apps that you can use.

When we say video sharing, what comes to your mind? I’m guessing different platforms, right? We will also tackle some social media platforms that will help you apply those tips and be more proficient in video sharing.

Creating video content is already hard as it is. But, how do you produce enticing shareable video content?

Making the audience share your videos may be tricky because it would take some factors to capture their attention or interest to share it with others. So, here are the best video-sharing tips for 2022.

  • Make your video interesting

The first few seconds are the crucial part of video sharing. Why? People’s attention is becoming shorter, which is why you have to let them see how intriguing your video is. Make it funny or shocking. Eventually, people will get hooked on those few seconds, making them share them with their friends or on social media walls.

  • Make it emotional

Having your video touch other people’s hearts will make it more convincing to be shareable with others. Different people have a wide range of emotions – sadness, sympathy, laughter, or anger. That is why your video must have a complex way of catching their attention through emotions.

  • Make it short but precise

People nowadays don’t like to watch long-boring videos that have no impact. Make your video content short but precisely convey what the content is about. Avoid dragging your audience for too long. Let them know what your content is about while providing relevant information. Be informative as much as possible!

  • Reach out to your audience

Having to tell your audience to share your videos may look desperate, but reaching out to them isn’t as bad as you think. Many video content creators use this method to portray options in explaining why their video is relevant. For example, providing a link in your video can help them gain more information about what your video is all about. To reach out to your audience, you must also be considerate and respectful.

  • Engage in partnership with platforms

Teaming up with other apps can greatly help your videos attract the audience as much as possible. There is a high percentage of people who use products that they see in commercials with their favorite artists or public figures. That is why collaborating with popular artists and influencers can also boost your views and make them shareable with others as well.

These video sharing tips can help your video content significantly. But these tips can be more effective if you learn to use them on different social media platforms. People today stay on social media for a long period of time. Make sure to take advantage of that. Knowing what platform suits your video well, will reach your target audience easily and will be less hassle for your business.

Before we conclude, let’s be familiar with those platforms.


ConnectFX™ is the world’s first and only hyper-converged community engagement platform that combines the functionality of six separate applications into one seamless solution to maximize efficiencies, reduce support requirements, and increase automation & scalability all while cutting costs.


This app has been consistent in providing content services since 2004. This is why you can use this as your foundation in video sharing. This app also has a worldwide reach that you can maximize in sharing your videos if your business has an international range. Its complexity as a social media platform has been growing since.


The usage of this app may be tricky as it is only limited to posting pictures only. But this platform also takes a lot of advantages as it attracts individuals much faster than reading a post for too long. This app proved that posting pictures can be a relevant way of portraying products and information effectively. This app also has a huge engagement with popular artists and influencers, which can help you collaborate with them.


This has been popular with teenagers since its launch in September 2016. Its usage spiked this pandemic era, as it proved to be entertaining and informative. Take advantage of this platform to post your video content, as it is easy for people to find it by hashtags.

The said platforms above aren’t the only kind. There is also you-tube, twitch, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, which most of us are already familiar with. As of today, digital marketing uses this method to engage audiences a lot easier and advertise their product efficiently.

So, if you’re having trouble with your business, these video-sharing tips in 2022 can help you attain more attractions and boost your sales through your video content. Be mindful as well when you’re creating a video, as it may require minimal resources but will take a lot of consistency and effort. Don’t be discouraged when your content doesn’t have an audience. For others, they may be lucky, but it also takes patience. Make your hopes high, and who knows? Maybe your video can be popular overnight.