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Video Conference Tools: The Popular Ones To Use

Popular tools to use for video conference

Video conference tools are perfect for webinars to educate the audience quickly. It is also a platform for selling goods and services in spreading reliable information or news. Most importantly, in giving your extra audience value. There is a wide range of rates, capacities, and features among the many webinar platforms out there.

However, hosting several webinars is a challenging task. It requires several video conference tools and equipment. But it is not a big deal anymore because there are many helpful webinar tools that you can choose from. Here are some practical tools that can help you to obtain a well-organized webinar or video conference. These tools enable you to create a meaningful connection when you are hosting a webinar.

Personal Computer or Laptop

Personal Computer or Laptop

Your webinar platform must commonly have a tool that helps you to create a successful webinar. It is important and essential that to host a webinar, you would need a computer or laptop. You can use any type of modern computer or laptop. Wherein you should have these applications: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Without a doubt, you have to purchase a USB webcam to plug into your machine if your computer doesn’t have an integrated camera. All respondents should also ensure that they have the appropriate plug-ins to stream video. 

Webinar Software

There is much software that can help you to improve your video conference or webinar. That’s why selecting the right webinar software has become a crucial choice for many businesses. The best app for webinars helps you host live events with guests, and it runs smoothly without a hitch. These are the samples of webinar software that many users mostly choose:


One of the best webinar platforms available today is Demio. Undoubtedly, it provides a new and efficient platform, while many other platforms are obsolete and have struggled to keep up with the times. This tool is perfect for beginners and others who feel uncomfortable with the clunky interfaces and various settings.

On the other hand, experienced marketers and busy corporate users would welcome its extensive automation capabilities. This software offers both automated and live webinars. Demio allows you to run interactive polls in your webinar, launch offerings with call-to-action buttons, post live document handouts, run Q&A, and many other features.

Moreover, it also provides a 50 percent discount for non-profit and educational organizations who have been forced to conduct their operations online due to coronavirus.


Livestorm is a perfect choice for businesses at any point if you regularly facilitate product demonstrations and training sessions. In this software, you can have sessions up in a short period. Along with, the tool allows you to plan with auto-generated registration pages and event reminders.

Obviously, when you have several people collaborating on a presentation, Livestream is excellent for you. Users like you can easily invite any of your peers to join you on the screen.

In addition to, data and insights gathered from sessions can be viewed on the dashboard of Livestorm.Clearl, it can also be seen in the CMS that can be linked to your account.

This allows you to keep an eye on visits, registrations, and participants to enhance and optimize your teams’ strategy. Also, it lets you host live product demonstrations and customer training or record and automate internal-use training and onboarding videos.

Jet Webinar

Another modern option for hosting virtual conferences and webinars is JetWebinar. Meanwhile, this software is the forum for large-scale webinar activities where a primary factor is a latency. If you’ve used other well-known systems, as attendee numbers increase, you know how frustrating delayed connections can be, and this is precisely the problem solved by JetWebinar.

Ever Webinar

Ever webinar is a WebinarJam sister-tool, and it helps you to create webinars on-demand. This tool takes care of all interaction stuff — room count simulation, email reminders, real-time chat simulation, and popup reminders/calls-to-action.


There are many other helpful webinar tools that you can consider. In line with it, when the perfect webinar software has been chosen and the ideal webinar script has been written, it’s time for you to start promoting your webinar. Using webinar software is one of the best ways to engage more effectively with your chosen audience. It is your task to select the best webinar tools to keep in touch with your customers, clients, staff, and other audiences.

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