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iConnectFX: The World’s Most Advanced Community Engagement Platform

Are you familiar with the community engagement platform? Do you want to find out how it works? Or are you one of those who want to take part and contribute to making a big change in your community? Then, if it’s a YES, iConnectFX is for you.

iConnectFX is the world’s most advanced community engagement platform. It is an application by WorldERP to people who want to interact through technology. With iConnectFX, people can build a relationship with their peers around the world. Plus, the opportunity for generating revenue is also at hand!

Is this the first time that you’ve encountered iConnectFX? Worry no more, because here are some of the ideas that you will learn to know more about iConnectFX:

iConnectFX — Your Best Event Management Partner

Event management is the process of organizing corporate development in celebrating an occasion. It refers to conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, conventions, and many more.

Balancing work and personal time could be stressful, especially if you are alone. That is why connecting with iConnectFX is the way to go. With the best event management partner by their side, people can pull off an efficient schedule that they prefer. iConnectFX will help the customers count the needs for a particular event. It can also assist them in the planning process, and secure a well-organized event. More so, they can have the ease of communication via virtual connections. So, whether at home or work, customers will no longer worry about getting late to their scheduled meetings or traveling between traffics. Hassle-free right?

Moreover, working hand in hand, communication, addressing the proper solution for each problem or issue, and partnering with iConnectFX are the keys to achieving a successful event! Having plans for an upcoming occasion? iConnectFX is the best event management partner for you.

Get Involved with the Community Engagement Platform

Get involved with the Community Engagement Platform

“Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity, special interest, or similar situations to address issues affecting the well-being of those involved.” – Lisa Boyko, Community Engaged Learning Western University.

Currently, Covid 19 pandemic is the most prevalent issue we are dealing with. Getting in touch with people is a big challenge. Notice how strictly social distancing is implemented around the world. Having this kind of situation is bothersome. Could it be the end of interaction and engagement between people?

The answer is no. There are still ample ways to interact and communicate with other people. Social media is the best example. With this, people around the world could virtually connect and get in touch with each other.

Like any other social media application, iConnectFX is also a community engagement platform. It has a wide range of online tools that people can use for thousands of community engagement projects. This includes fundraising, outreach programs, virtual gatherings, virtual forums, and webinars. What’s more interesting about iConnectFX is working with a highly-skilled group/team of professionals. The experts behind iConnectFX provide training, guidance, and consultancy services to people. These are how iConnectFX interacts with people while serving a purpose and giving their best to render help.

Are you also into community services? Do you want to be part of society’s solution to problems? Get involve! Become a part of iConnectFX: The World’s Most Advanced Community Engagement Platform.