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E-learning: Is it a Good or Bad Method of Education?

E-learning: Is it Good or Bad?

E-learning education is one of the most chosen methods of learning during the pandemic. Schools, museums, and public libraries are closed. For safety and convenience, most of us stick to e-learning platforms instead. How reliable is the e-learning system when it comes to gaining knowledge?

Here are the positive and negative sides of e-learning:

Advantages of e-learning:

Advantages of e-learning


Many students needed to take on lessons in a fixed amount of time. The reason behind this is because instructors have their schedules to follow. With self-paced learning, a person can choose whenever and wherever they can take lessons.

Always available

Balance-global.com has many e-learning platforms that are available 24/7, 365 days a year. This way, nothing can stop you from learning the topics and lessons you want.

Easier exams 

With a Virtual Proctor, you can take your AXELOS examinations (PRINCE2, ITIL, and MSP) in the comfort of your own home. Now, answering an exam while relaxing is possible.

Multiple-styled learning 

E-learning provides the same experience for different types of learners. Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners can now learn at the same time.

More environment-friendly

Schools and offices use paper a lot. E-learning, on the other hand, does not require this at all. Learning while saving the environment is the right choice.

Low Cost 

With e-learning, you don’t need to worry about daily travel costs, payment for expensive textbooks, and other fees. 

Busy people-friendly

Each of the learners has a different schedule. Multi-tasking is stressful and can drain the energy out of someone. E-learning allows learners to find their learning schedule.

More Efficient Monitoring

Students can ask their instructors if there are topics that need to be clarified. Instructors can monitor their students also. Walking around the classroom is not necessary anymore. All the instructor has to do is look at their screen monitors. It saves time and energy for everyone.


For instructors of e-learning platforms, trainers are accessible through direct messaging. Forums for instructors are also there to support you. Learners can also access the community based-forums for exchanging information, ideas, and lessons.


Now that is helpful. You can access an e-learning platform and use e-learning tools everywhere and every time. You can use different devices such as Mac, iPad, PC, and mobile.

E-learning is helpful for learners. However, no method of learning is always perfect. Each has its flaws. 

Disadvantages of e-learning:

Not for technophobes

Each of us is different. There are still people out there intimidated by technology. 

Electricity dependent

It is not a problem for people who can always charge their devices whenever. Still, there are remote places that do not have a stable electricity supply. That is a problem because it means that the internet is not available for them as well. That is why some argue that books and other printed materials are still the better learning method.

Lack of social interaction

If you have experienced going to school, you will find it different. There are still social interactions between people online. After class, you can still hang out with your classmates or even instructors. However, as technology improves, this lack of interaction is slowly being reduced over time.

When it comes to distance education, Balance-global.com understands its pros and cons. It is impressive how learning methods improve with technology. Balance-global always makes sure that it adapts and delivers.

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