successful in content sharing

4 Tips to Become Successful in Content Sharing

Now that almost everyone is into the internet and social platforms, the competition between businesses grows every single day. Targeting the audience gets challenging and demands useful strategies like shareable content and helpful tools. Also, successful in content sharing is essential to bridge the connection with the audience. 

There are a lot of difficulties that may come your way in becoming successful in content sharing. While some are manageable, some take time and effort. If you are trying to create shareable content, excellent ideas are necessary but using tools brings more magic to it. Here is the checklist with helpful tools you can use to create successful shareable content to guide you. 

Checklist and Helpful Tools to a Shareable Content

successful in content sharing
1. Is your topic captivating enough for content sharing? 

A captivating topic makes content shareable. It is why choosing a topic is very important to any piece of content. Using a topic that carries valuable information pulls people to share it with others. For people to find your content helpful, engaging, and undeniably shareable, best to incorporate the following:

●Add emotional feelings that will hit the attention of your audience.

●Make the content relatable to your audience.

●Choose a topic based on the latest trend.

●Ensure valuable knowledge that your audience will gain from your content. 

Moreover, to have a better idea of creating shareable content, using a Content Exploration Tool may help. It has various related topics and articles that show high engagement in social media that can guide you in deciding what topics will be influential for your audience. 

2. Is your headline appealing and interesting? 

To gather attention from the audience, make your headline eye-catching so they can notice your content even at one glance. Headlines play a vital role in every content as it prompts social sharing if found appealing and worthy of reading. In creating a compelling headline, it is best to highlight the following: 

●Define the value of your content and its significance to your audience

●Choose detailed information about the topic

●Make it easy to read and understand

●Converse to the second person

●Use the best keywords that will draw attention to your audience

To guide you with the best headline, using a Co’ Schedule’s Analyzer is suitable. With your crafted headlines, this tool will assess and rate it and give suggestions to enhance it.

3. Are you using the right social image size for your content? 

A well-designed graphics on your content adds attraction to the audience. With many social media platforms available today, image size is also as significant as social sharing. Using a sized and designed image for specific social sites helps in content sharing. It is best to match every post with a custom image for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. 

If you’d like to see what your posts appear like if posted on social media, you can try using AdParlor. Originally, AdParlor was a drawing board for social media ads, but it can also show how your posts will appear on social media platforms. 

4. Are you maximizing the sharing options to make it shareable?

While the content itself prompts audiences to share with others, sharing buttons also plays. Sometimes, people are too lazy to share content if it takes them a few clicks before it is shared. Valuable content will only turn into waste if not maximized in full. With the easy sharing buttons or options available, people will have ease in sharing the story worldwide. Furthermore, incorporate as well a call to action to urge the audience to share and be influenced by it. 

Take Twitter as an example by using the ClickToTweet tool to include notable and easy-to-use buttons and directions in your content. Therefore, the audience can easily share content via Twitter. 

Content Sharing in iConnectFX

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